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Villa Cook by Le Corbusier, 1926 & Villa Dubin by Raymond Fichier, 1929 / me

From the exhibition book of Margiela the Hermès years

MR Armchair by Mies van der Rohe, 1973

It’s been two weeks since the containment started in France, allowing us to go only for groceries and a quick run/walk around the block. Obviously I do miss drinks at a terrace, restaurant dinners and my pilates studio, but my imagination has always been my best friend so the days have passed by fairly easily. During times like these what really keeps my head together is to stay more or less in the same routine when it comes to eating or sleeping. I’ve always been a morning person and especially now I’m really savouring the morning hours being alone, when my boyfriend is still sleeping.

There is no right answer how one should deal with the current situation and I’m not going to write a long list of activities to do, only one that fits to everyone; get lost in research. Pick any subject and feed your curiosity.


3 thoughts on “#426

  1. Hi, I love your style and was wondering if you have any suggestions for quite universal everyday bags? (not super small or big, it doesn’t have to fit a laptop but enough space for a water bottle, notebook, wallet would be great) Have a lovely day and stay safe! x


    1. Hi Anna, thank you so much for your comment.
      It depends on your budget, it may not come as a surprise that personally I love Céline or The Row which can be found a bit cheaper secondhand, but also a finnish brand Marimekko has great bags with good quality. I have their Karla bag and been using it a lot for over three years.
      xx Noora


      1. Hi Noora, thank you! I think I have spotted a Celine Edge bag on your instagram – it looks really good, I will definitely consider! xx


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