näyttökuva 2019-1-5 kello 10.12.31

Snapshots from Helsinki, where I spent the last days of 2018. The gorgeous stairs of Artek store and Alvar Aalto Paimio-chair at Artek 2nd Cycle, which is – as the name tells – a store dedicated to 2nd hand Artek furniture.



Past years in Paris have really shaped my wardrobe philosophy and I’ve been thinking a lot how to balance sustainable values and the love for fashion. This is a discussion I could go on and on for hours, but in summary; you can admire things without owning them, that’s the beauty of it. Use fashion as a reference or source of inspiration.

I have very small selection of clothes in my closet (moving between Helsinki and Paris might have affected to this plus sharing a studio with my boyfriend). However, nothing beats a fully functional wardrobe and if I really feel like needing something new, I will sell something else before. Everything is being used and maintaining them right will make them last for many years to come. Love your own clothes, not the ones in the store.