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Muller van Severen for AD Spain

Jil Sander SS11 Backstage by James Cochrane

My August thoughts are live at flounce.fi. My trip to Antwerp made me research some Belgian fashion- and furniture designers. I’ve been obsessed by Muller van Severen for a while, too bad the gallery in Antwerp representing the designer duo was closed during the latest visit.

Also, how good was Jil Sander’s SS11 collection designed by Raf Simons. The combo of white cotton t-shirt and volume bottom creates a perfect contrast.




Raf Simons AW2016


TRENDSPOTTING – After leaving Dior, Raf Simmons has put full focus on his own brand, and we can see that. Not sayin he can’t do women’s wear because obviously he masters that as well, but he really can do men’s wear. Oh my!



Maria Palm shot by Frida Marklund, styled by Martina Almquist, Bon Magazine

LE ÉCLAT – Thinking back to Raf Simons greatest collection for Dior, pre-fall 2015, when thinking about dressing up for holiday season. Not only for pre-christmas parties but also paired with wool dresses or casual mommy-jeans. What a contrast!



I literally shedded a tear when I heard last week that Belgian designer Raf Simons is leaving Dior and latest SS2016 show was his last. He is leaving because of personal reasons, which makes sense. Especially after watching the document Dior and I, about his first collection for Dior, you can tell how much stress he has and you just want to hug him and tell that everything is going to be fine.

Whoever is going to replace him, will step into some really big shoes. You can see Raf’s influence everywhere even he stayed for such a little time. I mean talking about the space trend, remember the Pre-Fall 2015 show in Japan?

Hopefully he will still keep showing his own brand. But for now, bisous Raf. You will be missed.




Louis Vuitton Resort 2016 / style.com

Dior Resort 2016 / style.com

TRENDSPOTTING – Eyes to the future for a second. Are hotpants making a comeback next spring? At least according to Raf Simons and Nicolas Ghesquiere. And do we like these? My vote goes to Louis Vuitton girl! Hotpants paired with loose shirt that covers the upper body, works surprisingly well. But let’s face it, only if you have legs for it.