Candle from BYREDO

Vase from Marimekko




Marimekko SS2019

It’s not a surprise that Finnish fashion and -design have a very special place in my heart and especially living abroad they’ve became ways for me to communicate about where I come from.

Having a bit of homesickness lately, I was very happy to attend Marimekko’s SS2019 presentation in a gorgeous Musée d’Arts Decoratifs. The new designer Satu Maaranen focused in this collection on romantic dresses from the brand’s archives, making them look very up-to-date. The two looks above were my favorites and I can’t wait to try on the green printed maxi dress when it hits the stores.



Something good came from Finland today. Lately I’ve been questioning my relationship with fashion, the materialistic side of it. But since carrying wallet and phone in hands in Paris is not the smartest option, I allow this material Marimekko happiness for me.



Marimekko SS2017

My site has been very silent as January gave me a little bit hard time with school deadlines combined to new work, plus burglars in our home. Well, in a situation where I actually need a new bag, since all the old ones got stolen, I’m dreaming about Marimekko’s Karla bag more than ever. Maybe the smaller one though..