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I quess there is a risque of dissapointment if you have high hopes on something.. Sure Maria Chiuri used many – obvious and safe – codes in her debut collection for Dior, but apparently no one reminded her that she’s not at Valentino anymore. I mean the same dress she made one year ago at Valentino is not going to transform into Dior dress just by using the “lucky symbols of Monsieur Dior”




I literally shedded a tear when I heard last week that Belgian designer Raf Simons is leaving Dior and latest SS2016 show was his last. He is leaving because of personal reasons, which makes sense. Especially after watching the document Dior and I, about his first collection for Dior, you can tell how much stress he has and you just want to hug him and tell that everything is going to be fine.

Whoever is going to replace him, will step into some really big shoes. You can see Raf’s influence everywhere even he stayed for such a little time. I mean talking about the space trend, remember the Pre-Fall 2015 show in Japan?

Hopefully he will still keep showing his own brand. But for now, bisous Raf. You will be missed.


the row ss15

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Summer is definately over and new things are about to happen. Now it’s official, fashion addicts’ interactive bible style.com with it’s impressive fashion show picture and -review archives no longer exists as we know it. After moving under Condé Nast, Vogue’s parent company, they announced some major changes is about to happen. And so it did. Since style.com was overlapping with vogue.com, they decided to keep the name of style.com for a luxury e-commerce which will be launched during 2015 and keep the archives for vogue.com, Vogue Runway.

Sometimes change is good, even it takes time to get used to Vogue Runway. However since major publishers are not doing so well and they are very dependent on advetisers, I hope the show reviews won’t be just paid ads.

Also for me it’s time to leave Finland again and go back to Paris, just in time for Fashion Week. What I’m the most excited about is that Olsen sisters decided to keep The Row SS16 show in Paris. Can’t wait to see what the venue would be.