Jacket Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghésquiere

Trousers Chanel

PARIS TIPS – Fashion archives combined with sustainable form of shopping and recyckling results in an obsession for vintage stores. I wanted to share my favourite depot-vente boutiques in Paris, where I can wander for hours feeling the fabrics and admiring the details. From the smallest ones you can find some real treasures and negotiate good deals. If you’re not in Paris, Vestiaire Collective is another good option to escape the current fashion world for a while.

Depot – Vente Deluxe  is my absolute favourite, tiny boutique with very good and well curated selection. Here I found my Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghésquiere wool jacket with the signature round shape and very low price. 2 Bis Rue du Roi de Sicile, 4ème arrondissement

La Boutique de Cara has a selection for a slightly older clientele but best option if you are hunting for well fitted trousers or timeless silk blouses. 80 Rue de Turenne, 3ème arrondissement

Lily Rose Luxury holds the best vintage bags, here you can find everything from Louis Vuitton trunks to Birkins and gorgeus limited edition Chanels. They also know the true value of these bags and prices may go even higher than the original ones. 40 Rue Dauphine, 6ème arrondissement



Everyone probably have some quilty pleasures, things they do alone at home. Mine is going through Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquiere fashion shows and campaigns instead of working, procrastination at it’s best.

I was planning to share some of my favourites, and here is the first; Robot leggings from SS2007 collection, excactly 10 years ago! I could just simply hang these on my wall.


winonamarcjacobsMarc Jacobs SS2003, Juergen Teller

Marc Jacobs AW2015, David Sims

After shoplifting from Marc Jacobs in 2003, Winona Ryder surprisingly starred the designer’s campaign afterwards, shot by amazing Juergen Teller. Now she’s doing it again. Not the shoplifting but being the new face for Marc Jacobs’ Fall/Winter campaign, shot by David Sims. What a 90’s babe she is, I think I need to watch Girl, Interrupted now.