I always find myself getting excited and trying out new beauty products, every time forgetting that my skin rarely likes changes. At the end French pharmacy products are the ones I can always trust, plus my favorite natural exfoliate grains from Aesop, which I mix up with DHC cleansing oil.




The latest addition to my beauty shelf is a lip balm from L:A Bruket. You can’t really see the size from the photo, but it is twice bigger than lip balms normally. I actually use it around my eyes and for all the dry spots in my face. The combination of almond oil, bees wax, coconut oil and vitamin E really does miracles after winter.



I never thought I would be a victim of newsletters, until I received one from Aesop regarding their new toothpaste and next day I found myself “stopping by” at the boutique. Hope I don’t mix it up with a handcream.



If you are not willing to splurge on cosmetics, I recommend to check on the award-winning beaty brand The Ordinary. I use their Cold-Pressed Maroccan Argan Oil for both hair and skin, and recently decided to give a try for their Vitamin C Suspension, which works as a natural scrub.