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Wearing all Céline

I finally got my hands to the Céline SS2013 fur slippers. I was looking for the all black versions in my size for couple years until one day during my lunch break I spotted them at a vintage store window. Even though I love browsing Vestiaire Collective, good old vintage stores tend to have slightly lower prices, plus I hate to buy shoes without trying them on!

Both the shirt dress and sandals will be my uniform during the summer but I’m also quite into the dress/pants combination, so here’s one for the early spring office days.


June flounce

Cara Taylor shot by Zoe Ghertner and styled by Suzanne Koller for Self Service SS2018

Céline SS2013

My June thoughts are now live at Flounce.fi. This month I’m drawing inspiration from classics, and still dreaming of those Céline furkenstocks. 



Juergen Teller for Céline SS2013

Céline SS2013 was by far my favorite collection from Phoebe Philo. One of the few items that I ever became obsessed with are these fur slippers and I’m constantly trying to hunt them down from eBay and Vestiaire Collective.