Samuji Resort 2017

Living in Paris has taught me things you can’t really learn at school. Since I’m surrounded by very international group of people daily, I’ve learned about other cultures more than ever. But also I learned truly to appreciate mine. And it’s not about being homesick, or appreciating other cultures less, it’s just being proud. Maybe it’s also the result of globalistaion and online-culture, that is just making the whole world one; Starbucks in every corner next to Zara and Chanel, every bloggers’ holy triangle, no matter in which country you are. You start to miss something more unique.

2017 marks the 100th birthday of Finland and for me it will be a year of supporting Finnish brands only. Explaining our values to others is the easiest through design; clean lines, timelessness, simplicity, modesty, sustainability, high quality.. you’ll see! Happy new year!


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